Burning in the Village of Bethalto is regulated by Ordinance 98-23 and the following set of rules applies.

  • No burning allowed without obtaining a permit in advance of the burning
  • Burning is allowed from dawn to dusk only. Bonfires, wiener roasts, etc. past dusk are permitted and must be noted on the request form and require prior approval.
  • The fire must be kept at a reasonable size
  • Burning must be supervised at all times
  • Fire extinguishing equipment must be on-site and ready at all times
  • The fire should be away from any object or material that could become ignited
  • Burning is restricted to the material’s list in the ordinance
  • A permit holder is solely responsible for any damages caused by the burning
  • Burning must be confined to one location
  • A permit holder is responsible for any costs incurred if extinguishing is required by the Fire Department


No person shall cause or knowingly permit or allow, on-premises owned, occupied or controlled by him in the Village, any open burning of garbage, trash, refuse, rubber, oil, paper, leaves, wood, or other combustible material, or cause or so allow any such burning in a chamber not specifically designed for that purpose in accordance with regulations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, except as authorized by regulations or permits issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or as authorized by regulations or permits issued by the Village of Bethalto Fire Department. It shall be unlawful to burn anything upon any street, sidewalk, or alley of the Village.

(Ord. No. 98-23; 07-06-98)


Burning permitted dawn to dusk only, unless otherwise approved.